Playwright: The Future of Test Automation

Afsal Backer
Feb 24, 2022


When you pick a test automation tool for your project, what are the most important features you look for?

  • Ease of developing and maintaining scripts
  • Fast and reliable test execution with no flakiness
  • Support web, mobile, API, and parallel testing
  • An interactive test runner
  • In-depth test failure analysis
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Support for a keyword & data-driven testing
  • Language support like Javascript, Typescript, Java, Python, etc
  • DevOps integration with builds
  • Intuitive test reporting
  • Open-source, etc.

The first tool that most test automation engineers would think of is Selenium. However, an experienced engineer would know Selenium has its limitations. Enormous timeout, sync, and page load issues add up to the flakiness of the tests.

What about modern-day testing tools like Cypress or Puppeteer?

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